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Choosing the Very Best HVAC Air Filters for Houses with Family Pets

As you are reading this, you are probably sitting on your couch going through your phone while cuddling your fur-baby with your other hand thinking of having a healthy house with your pet around.

They have been with you through your little accomplishments and your difficult times. They are your friends. Every animal at home has actually become a part of your family.

Residing with an animal, specifically the furry one might provide you a bit of a headache specifically when it pertains to cleanliness. They shed their furs whenever of the day, specifically when they get sick or get stressed. These hairs get entangled with your furniture set, clothing, curtains, and even inside your vehicle.

Without you knowing, you sneeze a lot and scratch your nose more frequently. How do you co-exist with your dear animals without risking your health and your loved ones? AC air filters!

In some cases vacuuming isn't enough since dust and animal dander gets suspended in the air whenever they get disturbed. Your Heating and cooling may pick them up and let go of them through your vents if you have an ineffective air filter.

How can you tell if your air filters are doing the task? Minimum efficiency reporting values or just MERV measures the efficiency of any air filter when trapping air-borne particles varying from bigger sizes of dust to the smallest particles like viruses and bacteria.

A MERV 8 is the standard and most popular air filter for home use which might trap dust, mold, pollen, and dander. It can trap infections and bacteria suspended in the air and those sticking to your animal's hair.
HVAC Air FIlter Air Filter Sizes - View of a child with the family dog sitting in the middle of a beautiful living room with a Christmas tree on the side.

Picking the Right Home Air Filter Replacement is Easy

If you are unaccustomed to a/c upkeep then you are not alone. Replacing your air filters is just like trying to find a brand-new set of clothes. It's either you wish to attempt the same kind and size or upgrade.

You must know what size you are in need of. The sizes can be located in your heating and cooling manual. Utilizing a measuring tape, you can determine the length and width of your old filter and also its thickness from front to back.

Second, if you want to upgrade to an air conditioning or Furnace filter with a greater MERV ranking, check beforehand if your a/c can accommodate a higher quality filter than the type of your old dirty filter. The higher the MERV ranking, the higher the pressure drop of your unit. Due to the fact that it traps much smaller sized particles, it impacts your airflow also.

There are a lot of air filters in the marketplace however to identify their quality, you need to make sure that the air filter you wish to replace your old one is certified American-made. Pick electrostatic pleated air filters since they are identified to be more effective.

Whenever you choose for your household, always pick what's best. Never ever compromise specifically if it's for your indoor air quality. The air you breathe is the fuel that powers you to keep moving and be more fruitful.